Enterprise Risk Management Consultant & EIA Mentor


Enterprise Risk Management Consultant & EIA Mentor

I am a “positive energy radiator” who can help you identify and analyse business risks.

OLIVIA VERHULST, Enterprise Risk Management Consultant & EIA Mentor

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About Me

As an Enterprise Risk Management & Audit professional, I deliver constructive support and advice with a smile! And as a Mentor, I Connect – Inspire– Support– Enable professional women by leveraging my 20+ years international expertise.

Born and raised in a family business in Brussels, I worked for 15 years with Citigroup in Europe and New York, ending up as an Audit Director. I now live in Marbella, Spain, after a sabbatical leave and working with the EU Commission in Seville. I like to say I’m a “positive energy radiator”, and some see me as a “peace diffusor”.

How I make the difference?

An auditor by profession, I have a very good grasp of the methodology and understanding of Enterprise Risk Management. As a certified Mentor, I enable my clients making it happen their way.

Having developed myself in different fields, in both different countries and languages – and in various organizations – makes it easier for me to “read” (beyond just listening to) my clients and help them achieving their objective!

What gives me an energy boost at work?

To “give forward” in general and to “send back the elevator” in particular to professional women, are key drivers for me.

It is so gratifying to see how people I accompanied now Make It Happen their way! … and even more when they Make A Difference too!

What can I do for you?

No one better than those in the field KNOW about its Risks and Controls … it’s just that they don’t know they know! This is what Entrepreneurs realise when I help them making Their Vision happen by raising to global the vision of their own business, beyond enhancing their Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

A KPMG partner made me full of pride when he praised me, as Head of Internal Audit and Control, for the achieved improvements in our control environment at Citibank Belgium.

Business Planning: 

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