“We believe that everyone has a role to play in society and that everyone should have equal opportunities to participate. Gender, race, disability, religion, etc. should not be barriers. Diversity and equality add depth and richness to the human experience, broader understanding and new perspectives. When we all treat each other with respect and open hearts, everyone feels included, valued and happier.”


· We won’t let our fears, perfectionism or lack of confidence hold us back.

· We will fight against traditional gender roles that prevent our business from growing and our lives from blooming.

· We will encourage other women to start and grow successful businesses so that the knock-on effects help their communities flourish and become more equal.

· We will empower and inspire other women to take action in their own businesses.

· We won’t just talk – we will act courageously.

· We won’t wait for someone else to do it for us – it is in our hands now.

· We won’t give up when we fail. Failing is learning.

· We will always be proactive in looking for opportunities.

· We will pass on our experience and expertise.

· We will use our experience, skills and networks to do truly effective work that has purpose and meaning.

· We will give female entrepreneurs the opportunity to have high quality business consulting and advice at their reach.

· We will share the right tools and support to have women achieve their business goals.

· We will make sure goals are aligned and achieved.

· We will help female business owners, entrepreneurs and managers increase performance.

· We will work together to change lives.  

· We will rejoice in what we’ll achieve together.  

· We will treasure different perspectives.

· We will act as ‘people alchemists’ by encouraging connections that create golden opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

· We will do our best to ensure women’s work is fulfilling to them and inspiring to those around them.

Patricia Zeegers

Patricia Zeegers

Nike’s “Just Do It” philosophy wasn’t something that was instilled in me while managing high-profile projects for the company in The Netherlands.

As a young adult I had to come to term with my family’s somewhat “nomadic” life, gather the strength to “Just Do It” and constantly adapt to new environments.

And I learnt so much from our family’s adventures!

That’s why Nike and I were such a good fit!

Working in such a dynamic environment for so long was challenging – I won’t lie – but it gave me the professional tools, knowledge and expertise I needed to be where I am today.

My time with Nike helped me master the art of working efficiently and effectively.

And yet, after years with one of the most renowned sporting brands in the world, I felt an essential piece of the puzzle was missing for me.

I didn’t have a larger purpose.

I wasn’t making an impact in this world.

Yes, my work at Nike was important for the company’s bottom-line but what about my own legacy?

So, once again, I packed my bags and I simply Just Did It!

This time, I was headed for the gorgeous city of Barcelona.

And I never looked back!

You and Patricia

Barcelona’s vibrant energy helped me put the pieces of the puzzle together. I started talking to women like you.

Women who didn’t want to sell their soul to some corporate employer.

Talented women who were trying to create a meaningful business but were struggling with today’s speed of change.

They wanted to feel happier and more fulfilled with their own projects but didn’t have the tools and the support to do it.

They wanted to become an inspiration for next generations, but the weight of the old structures was pulling them down! Nothing frustrated me more than seeing all these wonderful women being held back from their potential by a lack of skills, resources and unsupportive circumstances I soon sensed that the invaluable skill-set I had previously learnt in my professional career could be very useful in helping me empower women in the Mediterranean region.

I knew that if I walked with them, together we could have a direct, positive impact on their lives, their families’ and their community’s.

I knew that the ripple effects of working together towards achieving their business goals would be dramatic for their own lifestyles but also for their communities at large.

At the same time, I was also awarded the honor of being the President of the Barcelona branch of the international Professional Women’s Network (PWN).

And it felt as though all the roads I had previously walked on had led me to this – to become an agent for positive change and equality in the Mediterranean Basin!

The next step was obvious.

It was time to redesign Business Basecamp – a project I had started years ago with my dad – and share it with the business women in my new environment.

You and Business Basecamp


Business Basecamp is the starting point of your challenge as a business woman. It’s the place you come to for no-nonsense, sound advice and truly empathetic support. It’s the springboard that leads you safely and steadily to your summit. And it’s the place you return to before moving on to your next challenge.

Do you share these values?
Do you share this vision?

There’s so much potential in all of us entrepreneurial, innovative and determined women!
Let’s work together to realize it!

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