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INGRID MOLL, HR Consultant

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About Me

Sometimes I describe myself as a chameleon because I fit in many organizations. I like to work with different kinds of people and I strongly believe that diversity and equality make organizations better.
The urge to direct my own life brought me to vibrant Barcelona. At Business Basecamp, I have the opportunity to improve myself at the things I like to do. At the same time, I can fulfil my yearning to contribute to increasing diversity and equality.

How I make the difference?

My combined passion for people, business and results, as well as my extensive experience in Human Resource Management, make me able to support and advise management in all HR and Organization-related matters. Throughout my career, I´ve been fortunate to be able to apply my skills and knowledge in various branches (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Industry, Finance and Non-Profit), working with diverse international teams and clients. By combining knowledge of people, business and how to obtain results, I can help you develop your business, team, internal processes and HR instruments – at the same time creating an environment where people love to work!

What gives me an energy boost at work?

Being a liaison between HR and Business, bringing out the talent in people and getting things done together is what gives me energy!
What gets me out of bed is working with organizations which strive to have a culture of trust, respect and where people are encouraged to learn from their mistakes.

What can I do for you?

I have gained international experience as an all-around HR manager, supporting and advising management in all HR and Organization-related matters.

Some of the things I have done are:

  • Improve business performance by translating business challenges into strategic human resources objectives and put the strategy into practice.
    Manage (change) projects from initiation to implementing, following through on change throughout the organization and leading people through the transition.
  • Set up an organizational structure by reviewing/ building the scope of departments, communication patterns, decision-making practices, job evaluation and grading etc.
  • A broad range of experience in Career & Succession planning.

Business Planning: 

Eliminate the Pain. Plan for a Brighter Future.

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