Positive Psychology Practitioner


Positive Psychology Practitioner

I help leaders create positive team cultures that are highly motivated and resilient.

GISELLE TIMMERMAN, Leader and team development coach & trainer; positive psychology practitioner

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About Me

I was one of the first 30 people in the world to study under the founders of positive psychology and have applied the science for over 15 years to improve people’s working lives. Prior to dedicating myself to leadership and team development, I worked as a strategy and management consultant for social purpose organizations. This experience developed my passion for working at the intersection of strategy, leadership, and culture. I am from Southern California, yet now live in Barcelona with my French-American husband and two daughters.

How I make the difference?

At the end of the day, people are always an organization’s greatest competitive advantage and its greatest operational cost. Yet most organizations are not fully benefitting from their people’s talents, energy, and ideas. Succeeding as an entrepreneur requires that you and your team are engaged, able to drive change, and can continually grow to be better. In order to become better and to raise leadership capabilities, you must master the skills for growing yourself and your team. I provide you with cutting-edge, research-based tools and strategies to unleash exceptional performance that is difficult to attain otherwise.

What gives me an energy boost at work?

A great day involves working with leaders to maximize and activate greater potential in themselves and within their teams. To ensure my support is most beneficial, I spend a good deal of my time learning from the research and from best-in-class methods, as well as collaborating with my global network of practitioners. A great day always ends with cooking up an experimental recipe and enjoying dinner together as a family.

What can I do for you?

I’ve partnered with impact-driven leaders and human-centered teams in the Americas, Europe, and Middle East. What I enjoy doing most is:

  • Coaching on leadership and team motivation. This usually is 4-12 sessions with complementary tools.
  • Bespoke, innovative, and experiential trainings to impact leadership growth, team performance, and culture change. Recent projects include: authentic leadership development for Emirati women and for women in tech; how to lead with your strengths for students studying entrepreneurship & innovation; performance motivation for e-commerce people managers; development of a culture roadmap for a California nonprofit.
  • Organizational culture assessments and support for helping employees to thrive through change.

Business Planning: 

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