International Marketing Strategist


International Marketing Strategist

Practical solutions from a Strategic perspective

DR. DAYNER AZZELLINO, International Marketing Strategist

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About Me

I am a lifelong marketer and learner. It has been my pleasure to study, work and live in many countries and these multi-cultural experiences guide my global understanding and professional perspective. My aim is to always bring out the best in the people I meet and work with. I seek to understand and get to the root issues of each client, then through research and collaboration, provide viable options and programs. It is a joy for me to see clients’ faces when they have a clear path to their next milestones.

How I make the difference?

I have studied and worked in marketing all my adult life. I have managed portfolios within the traditional and digital marketing realms and understand how to craft customized solutions in the ever-changing landscape. Armed with that knowledge and experience, my greatest asset to any client is the ability to understand their unique situation and devise customized options that reflect their values, their vision, their hope! We all want to be understood, to be seen, and to collaborate in an atmosphere of mutual respect. It transforms the collaborative journey and the end result of all our efforts.

What gives me an energy boost at work?

In the same way, working with like-minded people energizes me. Helping other professionals find their path, their balance brings me joy.

What can I do for you?

I have worked and studied in Europe, US and the Caribbean. Within that journey, I have managed multi-national marketing portfolios with brand building campaigns spanning 21 countries – seeking always to collaborate on truly sustainable, fitting solutions for marketing challenges.  I hold a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) from Walden University (USA) and an MBA from University of Liverpool (UK).

Writing and sharing my experiences are important to me. As such, I am a published author of three books on Sustainable Business Strategy; Brand Elements influencing Female Consumers; and Corporate Social Responsibility. Within the PWN Global network, I serve as a mentor in PWN Milan, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Norway, Warsaw and Copenhagen associations.

“My professional and personal dreams were fulfilled with the input and help of others; so I am constantly seeking to share my own  experiences and to help other women reach their goals and dreams.”

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