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Leadership and the art of communication

Join the LeadershipLAB event on Thursday, 20 June Last week, Financial Times editor Andrew Hill wrote a column about D-DayD-Day is the day the Allied invasion of Normandy began during World War II which happened in Normandy, France, exactly 75 years ago on June 6. Hill links the decision, which went unexplained to the soldiers…
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Summer School in July

Business Basecamp supports Aurélie Salvaire and Shiftbalance’s Summer School in July which will Boost your Power! Join them in Barcelona for their exclusive summer school and learn strategic skills to balance the world! It runs from 17th to 21st July 2019 at the amazing Cal Pau Cruset, Alaya Retreat Center Situated among vineyards in the…
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The Art of Leadership for Women

From a start-up in its early days to a multinational brand, leadership is an integral part of every company whatever stage it’s in. With such a dynamic role, however, leadership isn’t easy, especially in a challenging business environment. So what makes a good leader? What is the art of leadership? Taking solid advice from women…
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Promoting Gender Equality And Women’s Empowerment In 2018

Although many countries and regions of the world have made significant strides towards gender equality in the workplace, there are gender differences that are still apparent today, especially in the field of entrepreneurship. With women constituting 52% of the total European population, why is it that they only make up 34.4% of the European Union…
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