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How to Avoid Puddle Deep Strategic Planning

Cramming strategic planning into a short time frame at the last minute may be a common approach, but it forces us to rely on opinions about market conditions, not solid facts. Start the planning process early to avoid a puddle deep strategic plan. Company leaders who are drowning in day-to-day emergencies often don’t take the…
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Why Great Leaders Constantly Ask Their People This One Question

When moving from executing tasks to managing others, leaders find themselves one step away from “the action” and risk becoming detached. Unless they get regular, honest feedback from their followers about their abilities as managers, leaders can’t expect to become stronger leaders. They can get it by asking… How can I improve? When a startup…
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How to Rise to Challenges Successfully

It’s common at this time of year to set new challenges for ourselves, leave behind what we don’t want – or what hasn’t worked – and head into the coming months with renewed strategies for achieving what we want.  Setting goals and challenges, or drawing up a wish list, is relatively simple in itself. The…
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As a female entrepreneur are you playing in a generative zone?

As a female entrepreneur, you are probably already playing in the generative zone at the intersection between business self-interest and the common good.  Generative Minds You enjoy a large supportive network of fellow entrepreneurs, belong to several communities, and amplify positive effects in the culture and your environment. Sometimes however you may have the persistent,…
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How to Write a One Page Strategic Plan

WRITTEN BY JEFF HUGHES Our Business Planning & Execution Expert TONI NELL Strategic Planning is the “how” that takes you from your current state to your desired future… If you want to be an effective business planner, then you need to become a conscientious strategic thinker. Employees want to follow the business leader with a…
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Why networking is like gardening

WRITTEN BY OLIVIA VERHULST Rather than seeing it as a quick fix, maybe we should start thinking that networking is like gardening? Networking is like gardening – it takes time and effort in order to make the relationships grow, they don’t just spring up overnight.  Years ago, as I was telling a mentee my way…
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A Business Plan is not a Magic Wand

WRITTEN BY PATRICIA ZEEGERS When clients ask me to help them with the challenges they face in their business, they will more often than not hear me say: “Can you show me your business plan?”  It’s a question that is usually answered more with body language than with words. Hands go up in the air, eyes are rolled, eyebrows are…
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Women in Venture Capital: a call to action!

An initiative to assist women in Venture Capital and improve diversity was launched last week in The Netherlands by a large group of investors with the aim to increase the percentage of women in start-up/venture capital management positions. The investors, which include private funds like Inkef Capital and TIIN Capital, as well as public funds…
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Similar, but Different

by Mario Christiner In the spring of 2014 I left Zurich and moved to magical Barcelona. I arrived without a job and just enough savings to last me a few months. A year later I finally started working as a freelance English teacher. This taught me how to live off my natural skills, yet my…
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