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Patricia Zeegers to represent Business Basecamp and the Professional Women’s Network at 1st Peer-learning workshop in Women Entrepreneurship

Patricia Zeegers, Founder of Business Basecamp, is proud to be participating in this inaugural groundbreaking workshop aimed at female entrepreneurship, commissioned by the European Commission. The outcome of the in total 3 workshops will drive new European and national strategies for the support of women’s entrepreneurship in Europe and beyond.

The women’s entrepreneurship (WE) workshop, held on 14th to 16th May in Prague, will be a creative, dynamic and rather informal space where participants can exchange ideas, share experience, and best practices and participate in open discussions while acting upon the most up-to-date trends and problems.

The objective is to help increase coordination between different actors, as well as the exchange of experiences between countries, and to facilitate outcomes of the workshops into actionable policies and measures.

The workshop will be highly interactive  and will ensure the co-creation of concrete outcomes from the interactive sessions and informal discussions. A final outcome of in total three workshops will aim to contribute to the design and implementation of the new European and national strategies for the support of women’s Entrepreneurship in Europe and beyond.

Patricia Zeegers says, “I am really proud to be invited to participate in this first peer-learning event and help drive strategies in Europe for Women Entrepreneurs and create more support for women in business, financially, via networks and helping them with commercial direction.”

About European Schoolnet

European Schoolnet  is the network of 30 European Ministries of Education, based in Brussels. As a not-for-profit organisation, we aim to bring innovation in teaching and learning to our key stakeholders: Ministries of Education, schools, teachers, researchers, and industry partners.

Since its founding in 1997, European Schoolnet has provided teachers across Europe with a wealth of resources, activities, communities, tools, and events for them to enhance their teaching practice, learn new tools and skills, and make effective use of educational technologies.

Our ambition is to convert the content and expertise that we developed under European Schoolnet’s projects and activities in massive online training opportunities for teachers. In the long-term, we foresee to offer the infrastructure for online professional development also to Ministries of Education to host their own courses.

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About Patricia Zeegers

After years managing high-profile projects for one of the most renowned sporting brands in the world, I felt an essential piece of the puzzle was missing for me. I didn’t have a larger purpose. I wasn’t making a difference. So, encouraged by Nike’s very own moto, I simply Just Did It!

I packed my bags; I packed the invaluable skillset I learnt with them and I packed as much courage as I could muster and settled in sunny Barcelona and started Business Basecamp.

Today, I’m committed to empowering women in the Mediterranean region. I have also become an active contributor to the international Professional Women’s Network (PWN) and recently have joined the global federation board as the VP of Entrepreneurship. I’m thrilled to be able to be an agent for positive change and equality in this wonderful part of the world!

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