Running a business is a roller coaster. One day you can feel like things are looking great for your business, you’re productive, and you’re feeling positive. The next day, however, you may feel like nothing is going right and you’re constantly running on a hamster wheel never moving forward. Plenty of business owners ride this roller coaster, it’s just essential that you make sure that the ride is always moving in a certain direction and never in a loop.

One of the best ways to ensure that your business is progressing is to hire a business coach. This by no means reflects badly on you as a business owner and it doesn’t mean you failed or did anything wrong.

The aim of a business coach is to provide you with expertise, support and connections to help you break through any barriers so that you can reach your full potential.

If you’re unsure whether you need to hire a business coach, here are 5 signs that it might be the right time for you and your business.

1. You feel overwhelmed

Do you feel like you are working many hours but are achieving too little? Do you feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Business owners work hard but if you can’t remember when you last went home on time, when you last went on holiday or you’re working a 60-hour week just to get work finished, then this can be a sign that it’s time to hire a business coach.

A business coach can look at your daily tasks and use of time objectively. From there, they can identify which activities aren’t productive and which ones will help you move towards your business goal. This is incredibly valuable for business owners as now you can delegate the tasks that waste your time and effectively perform the tasks that need to be completed by you alone.

2. You’re finding it difficult to put ideas into action

You know what to do but you still don’t do it, why? Having ideas that can help grow your business but not implementing them is a very common problem among business owners. Sometimes, they don’t completely understand what exact steps they need to take. Other times, it’s a lack of motivation or having someone to challenge them or hold them accountable.

For whatever reason you may not follow through, a business coach can help you overcome it. As well as working with you to address these issues, a business coach will also create a strategy with actionable steps and deadlines for you to follow and they will hold you accountable for completing them.

3. You see no clear path forward

Although your business may be going well and you’re making a profit, it can be easy to get stuck in running the business day-to-day without thinking of where you are going. This may seem essential, but all this is actually doing is ensuring that your business stays at the same level.

With a business coach, you can become “unstuck.” You can gain a better understanding of the direction that you should be aiming for and have the confidence that your business is moving forward again. How could your current strategy and tactics be improved? A business coach will help you identify your business direction and will work with you to create a clear set of priorities and plans to follow.

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4. You are not seeing the results that you want

You may think that you know the right path to take with your business, but if you aren’t seeing the results that you want then it might be time to admit that your efforts aren’t working. Your business can only expand at the rate of your own growth so asking for help is a massive step forward for both of you.

If you’re not seeing the right results, it might be time to hire a business coach to help you figure out why. A business coach can objectively look at your business and give you a fresh perspective on what obstacles may be precluding results. They can also help you let go of a particular product or idea that really isn’t working and allow you to set new goals that will actually move your business forward.

5. You want someone to talk to

Who can you talk to that understands your challenges? Who can you talk honestly to and receive honest feedback? Running a business can be lonely. As a lone CEO, it can be difficult finding someone that you can trust or someone that you can talk to without fear of impairing your credibility or reputation.

Whether you need someone to bounce ideas off or just someone to talk honestly to, a business coach can be the ideal person. A business coach isn’t influenced by company politics so they will always have an unbiased opinion about what’s best for your business. A great coach supports you in design, implementation and evaluation, but also asks you the difficult questions to challenge you and helps you discover your most important goals.

Is it time for you to hire a business coach?

If any of the above signs apply to you and your business, it may be time to hire a business coach to help you. Just remember, this does not mean that you are a bad leader, everybody needs help and guidance. From providing you with objective insights into how to run your business better to helping you improve and develop your own skills as a CEO, a business coach is just there to help you be the best leader you can be.

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