Business Planning

Creating Your Best Roadmap

Simplifying your business planning in an ever-changing environment

We help create your

Business Plans

Launching a new business plan or planning on expansion or restructuring? Set up a solid foundation, clear goals and strategies with a sustainable business plan.
Simplify your

Seasonal Reviews

Need an objective review and strategy options for the future? With our monthly or quarterly reviews, you will gain insight into your progress and how to deal with opportunities and threats.
Assist implementation of

Change Management Processes

Has your business undergone a radical change or needs to? Business Basecamp can guide the change management process and map the new path and actions with you.

Business Planning Simplified

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Business Planning Tool

One-Page Business Plan®️ - Communicate the heart of your project clearly and effectively.
  • Business Basecamp uses the renowned One-Page Business Plan®️, which reflects the ins and outs of your business model in a powerful visual.
  • Your one-page business plan will tell your story in a memorable way that is easy to understand.
  • There is no need for lengthy documents; instead, the focus is on thought-provoking key concepts and clear, measurable actions.
  • This visual tool fosters group innovation, decision-making and strategic thinking.

“Keep your plans clear and concise and use your planning process 
to improve execution and drive results.”

Patricia Zeegers, Founder

Quick and Concise Tool

A simple way to reflect all that matters in your business that provides a practical resource your team can use to assess progress and identify problems.

Customized Business Plan

Business Basecamp creates a personalized business plan that works exclusively for you, that gets everyone in the business aligned with goals and vision!

It Evolves with You

As your business changes, your lean business approach also changes and adapts continually. Which means your one-page business plan is easily updated.

Action Plan

It acts as a quick and precise action guide for your strategies and essential steps in your new business progress.

Start your business plan today

You and your team can invest your time best when working from a clear plan. Business Basecamp is a certified licensee of the One-Page Business Plan®️. We use this renowned tool to ensure your vision, your goals, strategies, and action plans are clearly outlined and available.

Business Planning: 

Eliminate the Pain. Plan for a Brighter Future.

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