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Business Consultant

Patricia Zeegers

Empowered women can and will change the world. I’m here to support you by building a solid strategy and plan for your business and by keeping you accountable and energized along the way.
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HR Consultant

Ingrid Moll

My combined passion for people, business and results, as well as my extensive experience in Human Resource Management, enable me to support and advise management in all HR and organization-related matters.
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Marketing Consultant

Dayner Azzellino

Dayner Azzellino
My professional and personal dreams were fulfilled with the input and help of others; so I am constantly seeking to share my own experiences and to help other women reach their goals and dreams.
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Trainer & Coach

Giselle Timmerman

A great day involves working with leaders to maximize and activate greater potential in themselves and within their teams. I provide leaders and teams with tools and strategies to unleash exceptional performance.
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ERM Consultant

Olivia Verhulst

To make a difference to businesswomen and help them to managing their enterprise risks makes my day. I really enjoy supporting businesses and their professionals in realizing the change in their own style!
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Who are we?

A group of skilled professionals

who have sharpened their skills through years of focused work in their areas of expertise. The Basecamp is augmented by a community of professionals from many industries, who are also seeking the respectful, supportive guidance of those who can relate and help in practical ways.

We believe that everyone has a role to play in society and that everyone should have equal opportunities to participate. Gender, race, disability, religion, etc. should not be barriers. Diversity and equality add depth and richness to the human experience, broader understanding and new perspectives. When we all treat each other with respect and open hearts, everyone feels included, valued and happier.

Patricia Zeegers, Founder

“Nike’s “Just Do It” philosophy wasn’t something that was instilled in me while managing high-profile projects for the company in The Netherlands. As a young adult I had to come to terms with my family’s somewhat nomadic life, gather the strength to “Just Do It” and constantly adapt to new environments,” Patricia shared.

“That’s why Nike and I were such a good fit! Working in such a dynamic environment for so long was challenging – I won’t lie – but my time with Nike helped me master the art of working efficiently and effectively and gave me the professional tools, knowledge and expertise I needed.” she reflected.

Roots in Barcelona

Barcelona is where Patricia met and talked with many talented, ambitious woman who were struggling to push forward with sustainable businesses. This inspired Patricia and planted the seed that would grow into Business Basecamp.

Through Business Basecamp, she could finally help them be fulfilled and happier as they were not alone in getting through their own mountainous journeys. The experiences that followed also cemented her appreciation for the skills-set she had acquired and how it could be invaluable to others. Her team members were all recruited to live that same drive and passion.

Business Basecamp’s Manifesto

  • We won’t let our fears, perfectionism or lack of confidence hold us back.
  • We will fight against traditional gender roles that prevent our businesses from growing and our lives from blooming.
  • We will encourage other women to start and grow successful businesses so that the knock-on effects help their communities flourish and become more equal.
  • We will always be proactive in looking for opportunities.
  • We will share our experience, skills, tools and networks to gain purposeful and meaningful results.
  • We will make sure goals are aligned and achieved PLUS rejoice in small and large achievements

Do you share these values?

The potential of an entrepreneurial, innovative, determined women is endless.
Let’s work together to realize that vast potential!

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