“champions get up, even when they can’t.”


“I only work on or with people or projects I believe in 100% without exceptions because life is far too short. When people say to me that I inspire them that, to me, is success; leaving a mark in that person’s world. Some of the athletes I’ve worked with have achieved various Canadian and World titles and that’s another example of success. I am a huge lover of analogies, no matter what the situation there is always some wisdom to lift the mindset, and that is the key. Anyone who has achieved success, without it being handed to them, will have been less than successful at some point. That is where you learn the right from the wrong, what you’re made of, and how to get either tough or smart; and if you’re not going to get smart you better get tough. Living by the responsibility of my own choices and working with some of the best talents in the world I can put it in one sentence: champions get up, even when they can’t.”