“It’s about changing, learning, improving, and teaching others”

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“Success to me is taking a chance on myself. It is me stepping out to do what I love. Success is the choices you make and what you learn from the failures along the way. It is about changing, learning, improving, and teaching others. I start small, I focus, and I fill my mind by reading, learning, and talking to people who just want to share and make the world a better place.

Negativity doesn’t contribute to success, but there are always critics and there is a difference between listening to trusted advisors and being bashed by other people’s criticism. Knowing the difference between the two is key. Lack of communication is a typical cause of not succeeding. Unclear expectations is another. I have learned to ask the question, What is your expectation?

Also, along the way, I had to change my perspective. All people need three things; approval, acceptance, and appreciation. If you give these three things you will likely receive the same in return, thus making you feel successful?”