“I love what I do, so work is fun”


“To me, success means doing what I love, every day. In my case, helping businesses turn their websites into assets that help drive their success, and help establish their brand as a leader and authority in what it does is a great feeling. Success also allows me to buck trends. For example, people complain about everyone outsourcing work to places like India, but I see it as an opportunity and a challenge to sell into new places. I don’t like to work with people with a negative attitude, which applies to both employees and clients. I work extremely hard on behalf of my clients so I need to like and understand them and, in turn, I respect that they need to like and understand me. I absolutely believe that success is built on the back of failure. Everyone that is successful will have failed and will have learnt from these experiences, picked themselves up and tried again until success comes. And of course, the ultimate reward for success is being able to reward yourself. I’m a firm believer in rewards for success and to me that means, more often than not, that I get to go play golf, which is a game like no other.”