We start all our projects with the fundamental steps of understanding your client’s needs. What are their requirements and why are they buying from you? Because whether we need to analyze your existing business model, work processes or employees, it all starts with ensuring your client’s needs are met.


Patricia offers coaching-, and consulting services to young companies with a turnover from €2 million per annum, and who are not only looking for more revenue but also for long term sustainability. Most companies will encounter growing pains at some point in their life cycle, so it is important to expand in a healthy way so that the company is well prepared for the future.

Patricia works with a select group of companies in the Mediterranean, with between 10 and 250 employees and from €2 million in sales annually. She prefers to work with companies that are set up by women, where a female CEO is appointed or departments where a female manager or director is in place. Usually, she is involved in companies with an international outlook and with English speaking staff based in the region around the Mediterranean. Her clients are on the verge of expanding and understand that this has to be a well thought-through process to create sustainable business for the long term.

Firms that decide to work with Patricia will see that she is able to fully dissect the business in order to create the best structure to provide lasting results. Patricia creates a gap analysis, either on the entire company (strategy, structure, resources, etc) or on specific departments or reporting lines. She develops a plan to take a business from their current situation to the desired situation; calculating time, costs and profits in the process.

Once complete her work is still not done. She provides ongoing support and advice. During the business transformation process, she is available for weekly, monthly or quarterly check-ups in order to ensure goals are being met and to help identify and remove any obstacles.

If you are interested in Patricia’s services, contact her.