“Sharing knowledge with other people is very satisfying for me”

“Life in a software engineering job is pretty hectic so I practice yoga and meditation every morning to create calmness in my life. Being in a balanced and positive state of mind will always help give you a broader-minded approach to business, thus enabling you to reach goals faster. Sharing knowledge with other people to help them achieve their goals is also very satisfying for me. Being in a team and working together is something that makes me feel motivated. Whenever there is a problem or an issue arises, which is tough to handle, I just sit down and think rather than feeling tense. Success will be achieved and maintained by learning something new every day. Helping your team to build confidence and working in a collaborative way will not only help to improve your skills but it will also help to get the best ideas from them. On daily basis I’m not only contributing for my personal growth, but also toward the organisation’s growth.”