“Make your project your way of living”


“Invisible talent was born because we wanted to do something to boost women within a workforce because they are failing to reach strategic positions with organisations. We therefore developed, and now offer, a diversity programme to help companies change this situation. Our success is based on our mentality: our desire to change the status quo. Every action we do, we do it thinking about our main objective: boosting women to strategic positions. In order to be successful you should never lose your vision, your integrity or your ideas. And usually, when we try to build something new, we do this parallel to our ‘proper’ job so it is no such a financially risky venture. However, that is not always the best approach. Taking the risk is often the most important thing you need to do in order to succeed. You need all your heart, passion, time, effort and money on your project. You have to make your project your way of living. Be passionate and love what you do. If you are able to pass on that feeling to your clients, you are going to succeed.”