Your marketing strategy is the metaphorical steersman of your company

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Business Model

In order for you to secure your long-term goals you need specific marketing goals and a strategy on how to achieve them. Without these your company will be lacking in a particular direction. You take whatever possibility comes along or you seem to constantly miss out on important opportunities.

Any business that has a well thought-out marketing strategy always has an advantage in comparison to the competition.

Who are your potential clients?

Whether your organization sells products or services, you will need to be on the lookout for customers who are willing to buy from you. To be successful you need to know who your potential clients are and how you can reach out to them in the most effective way. With thorough research you gain knowledge about the buying behavior of your potential customers.

What moves a customer to buy?bedrijfsdoelstellingenloge-300x297

Every client has a reason to buy a product or service. There are different reasons a client will make a purchase from you. We can distinguish between four customers’ buying behaviors. They are: security, prestige, power and affection. If you wish to create a targeted advertising campaign for your products or services it is imperative that you know the buying behavior of your customers. You will need to link the customer’s reason to buy to your products or services.

Why would a customer buy from you?

Customers buy from you because certain customer expectations are met. People have a wide range of different expectations. Some people will buy at the place where they get a more personal service; they like to be well informed by skilled staff. Others go for comfort and order online; convenience is their main driver. Another group have quality and reliability as their main demand, and they are willing to pay the corresponding price. And some buy where they expect to get the low price, a lowest price guarantee or special offers.

If you know the buying patterns of your customers, you have crucial information in hand to positively influence the sales of your products or services.

To be successful you must make sure you know more about your client than they know about themselves!

  • Who is your customer? age, gender, education, occupation, estimated annual income and family composition?
  • What motivation plays a role in the purchase of products or services? Are security, prestige, power, or perhaps affection motives or can you think of something else that might drive your customer to make a purchase?
  • What motivates clients to buy from you and not a competitor? Is it quality, reliability, personal contact, comfort, price, or something else?
  • First analyze your (potential) customers and then work out a plan how to reach them in an effective way to win their business.
  • With all actions make sure you give ‘satisfying your clients’ expectations’  a central place.

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