Could your company be performing better?

by Bert Zeegers | Jun 8, 2016 | Business Model

Many entrepreneurs and business managers have trouble keeping their business under control as they grow. As a result many companies underperform. The main reason is that we do not spend enough time and attention to the business as a whole. We are too busy trying to control one facet of the business and/or fighting fires, therefore shifting our attention to where our business seems to be in trouble.

A Swiss clock
In order to survive and run a successful business in this day and age, we must run our businesses like a Swiss clock; each small mechanism has its own function and is indispensable.
As a business owner or department manager we all have the intention to create something worthwhile, and we start our journey with lots of enthusiasm and an abundance of energy. Sooner or later though, you find out there are flaws in your organization and your attention is drawn to these problem areas. You focus all your energy and effort in solving these issues only to find that new issues arise.

See your business as a whole
While dealing with these problems you often lose sight of the bigger picture and are unable to see how your business runs as a whole. And at some point you realize you are fighting fires instead of preventing the fires from igniting. You find yourself exhausted, and you question yourself as to why you started in the first place. Perhaps you are already losing customers or you are having financial problems.
Whether you are just getting started or already well on your way, start organizing your business or department today to avoid disappointment and problems in the long run. Implement our business model to substantially improve the chances that you will succeed and your business will thrive.


Start to structure your business today!bedrijfsdoelstellingenloge-300x297
Business ModelWe have developed a business model that you can use as an example and you will find all the major parts of your business clearly represented. As you work your way through this business model you will see that all the individual parts of your business work together to achieve one common goal.
The common goal is to achieve the corporate objectives you have defined for your company. Or if you are managing a department you can make sure that your department goals are aligned with those of the company and obtain a greater understanding of your department’s role within the business.
This model provides you with information, guidelines and structures that provide support in developing and growing your company.

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