Mark Septhon about success: “I find failing incredibly interesting”

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“Success is something that I have spent years studying and I came to the conclusion you can only define it yourself. For me, success is about being at peace with myself, knowing I have seized today’s opportunities and fully given my all. I am a huge believer in self-reflection. I reflect daily on how peaceful I am feeling. We work hard to find peace so we shouldn’t give it away so cheaply. Live a life being true to yourself and you will bring the right influences and people into your life to aid to your success. I find failing incredibly interesting. When I first branched out, I branded myself as a hospitality consultant, but it never did get off the ground. I had to reinvent and evolve my business. That’s when I shifted my attention to being a mentor to entrepreneurs. My passion for entrepreneurship left me curious, so it seemed like a natural fit.”