“Do what you enjoy, work together and don’t give up”


“It is my goal to live and work in Spain. I’m married to a Catalan woman, I have two daughters and I’m educated in business economics and finance. About three years ago I decided to organise a social drinks event for people who were also interested in working or doing business in Spain. The first meeting attracted more than 35 people and that inspired me to organise another meeting. I quickly realised that there was room for a network of people doing business in Spain, and the result was the Business Club Spanje. Aside from my work on temporary assignments for various companies, I devote many hours to developing the network, so we can continue to share knowledge and bring people and organisations together, of course focusing on the Netherlands and Spain. My advice to achieve and maintain success: do what you enjoy, set clear goals, determine what needs to be done, work with others, work hard and don’t give up.”