“Success comes disguised as small occurrences that we often don’t identify”

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“Sometimes success is easy to recognize; you have a major goal, you plan, act, and when you reach the goal, you celebrate. Most of the time however, success comes disguised as small occurrences that we often don’t identify because we take them for granted or because they are not big enough to satisfy our ego. In my case, people are my passion. Serving them is what keeps me going and when I manage to help someone else be successful that is my definition of success.

In general, opening up to others is important to achieve and maintain success. Self-awareness is the second key player. You should evaluate yourself constantly. Being afraid, achieving success by causing others’ failure, wanting too much, getting stuck in fantasy, losing hope and reluctance to change don’t contribute to success.

My life story also had less successful chapters. I had to accept that I was not always in control. I talked about it to people around me to get different perspectives. And last but not least, I accepted that I’m not perfect. Identifying those things has been a success in itself. It makes you human.”