“Failures can be beneficial for future success”

email“I retired a few years ago, but I run a private practice in mental health and psychotherapy in Sweden. In the early 70s, I began writing stories as a hobby. I self-published a collection of stories, sold around 250 copies in Sweden and made visits to my country of birth Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago to promote the book. I recently decided to take up writing again. I wanted the focus of the story to be on gender, since I have always been interested in love encounters between the sexes. Success is a fulfillment of goals. As a storyteller, I regard success when readers enjoy my stories and provide me with feedbacks. I also see success when readers present their own interpretations of particular events pertaining to my stories. I have been less successful in the past and I think it’s difficult to avoid failure. In fact, failures can be beneficial for future success.”