“Success is someone’s ability to step outside of their comfort zone”

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“Too many of us are comfortable being comfortable. I did fall into this category, until I was forced to get uncomfortable as a result of my circumstances. Before, I saw problems rather than solutions and focused on my shortcomings rather than utilising my strengths. I also underestimated how powerful the mind is. You can be living but only really existing in your thinking and being. The turning point happened in several phases over the course of five years and, in many respects, it’s still ongoing. I am now in a space that I can readily receive and apply new information, which can potentially be life changing. Success is a mental state, so to be successful you have to think you are successful or believe you have the potential to do so. In short, success is someone’s ability to step outside of their comfort zone and use their full capabilities to achieve maximum growth thus contributing to self and society.”