“Painting was a way to mentally escape my 12×6 ft. cell”


“Painting was a form of escapism from the monotonous and tedious regime of prison, where I spent two and a half years of my life due to a brawl in a Central London bar. I used painting as a way to mentally escape the compounds of my 12×6 ft. cell. I read art books of great painters and set myself the task to learn how to paint using the limited resources available. I produced a variety of work during the entire time I was there. Since my release in 2013, I have had several exhibitions; I have been featured in newspapers and art blogs, and I will take part in two exhibitions in London from 22nd November 2015 on. Success for me is to be recognised as an artist and have my work featured and sold in the art market; a sign of my sheer hard work and determination. Instead of letting the prison experience drag me down, I decided to take advantage of the time; working harder than ever before to achieve something positive.”