“Be consistent with ones vision, mission and passion”


“I tell tales and write stories; retell stories and engage audiences with interactive storytelling and folktales. I am bilingual in English and Spanish and a polyglot of sorts, as I am known to incorporate vocabulary, songs and text in the languages of Twi, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Yoruba, Japanese and Ki-Swahili. In 1989, one of my stories got included in a book that became a bestseller. I received many requests for permissions to use the story. Eventually, I took action and published it, which boosted my visibility to the point of requests to do artist-residencies, parent engagement workshops and work with students on creative writing projects. I’ve never felt unsuccessful. Make sure you are consistent with ones vision, mission and passion to ensure that you achieve and maintain success. Network with progressive thinkers, doers, out-of-the-box influencers and avoid counter-productive behaviour. Building relationships through social media can also be a factor in achieving and maintaining success. In contrast, being unwilling to jump out of the traditions box doesn’t contribute to success, just like the fear to ‘go for it’ on your own.”