“If you’re a successful person, you’re probably a happy one too”

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“Success is where effort meets happiness. Whether on stage, in sports, at work or in personal relationships. Success enriches your life. During my first two years in Barcelona it was hard to be professionally successful. I had to adapt and reinvent myself until I got my first job. After more than ten years employed as an executive secretary at various multinationals, I decided to go my own way. I started my project in Barcelona and became a freelance personal assistant, offering tailored multilingual secretarial services for professionals and companies. I found success by fighting for what and whom I believed in; by setting goals, visualising them and determining what is necessary to get there; by sharing ideas and learning from others; by listening to those who motivate and less to those who don’t; by being positive; and by considering obstacles, failures and bad experiences as valuable driving forces to be creative, to find solutions and to progress. If you’re a successful person, you’re probably a happy one too.”