“I don’t avoid new challenges and developments”


After being part of a company relocation once again, including the administrative reorganisation and educating people, I was inspired to set up my own business as a Virtual Office Manager. I get great energy from situations where others struggle to know how to continue, plus my organisational skills come in handy. A project is successful to me if the company has a well-organised back-office and is able to experience space in the workplace as well as in the head. To achieve success, I like to leave my comfort zone and I don’t avoid new challenges and developments. I always hope to be one step ahead and bring innovation to the table. On a professional level I continue to develop myself. A less than successful move of mine was to employ a fellow entrepreneur for a job without having asked enough about his qualities. You need to recognise that you can’t keep on doing everything by yourself so must sometimes invest in outsourcing tasks where others are better, such as social media or accounting. The hours freed up can then be more valuably spent on building your business.”