“Use your gifts to positively impact others’ lives”


“Success is not accidental, but intentional. It is about living beyond yourself; using your gifts – knowledge, wisdom, education, influence, material possessions and experience – to positively impact others’ lives. I have always had a passion to make a difference, but my worry was; who am I to be influential and powerful? I am from a Nigerian family that has neither great wealth nor political power, but a desire to progress kept burning inside of me and, in time, my vision and goals became clearer. I began reading, going to seminars, studying, speaking, writing and volunteering in humanitarian organisations, and during this time I learnt how to improve myself. Later, I co-founded the life-betterment organisation, Hinovelty, with a friend, and since then we’ve been impacting the lives in our community and beyond. Today, I have coached numerous people on writing, speaking and ultimately being the best they can be while living their purpose.”