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by | Dec 27, 2016 |

PatriciaRAre you in need of some inspiration?

Being an entrepreneur or manager is not always an easy task. We all have times where we feel stuck and frustrated. When the project in front of us seems impossible and all we see is obstacles around us. I myself have been in that situation various times throughout my (professional) life. There are a number of things that will get me back to my positive self. One of the things I do to get myself back on track is to read positive, inspirational quotes. It reminds me that others have had similar experiences and resolved them. Being positive and happy with ourselves helps us to better perform. When we feel good we are more confident and will try new things. Being more confident makes it possible to step out of our comfort zone and (re)-act faster. This in turn helps us to be more successful in what we do. So if you feel you can do with some uplifting thoughts, browse through our?quotes section. We add a new one every week. Use them in whatever way works best for you. Download the files so you can use them as background on your computer or mobile. Or print some and put them up in place where you are reminded regularly. You can also get a new quote delivered to your mailbox every week. Send me a new quote every week Sharing is Multiplying. We love to share and would like for you to join in! You can share our inspirational quotes on social media or send them to others who may need some support. And if you have a quote that served as inspiration, while you were going through some tough times, please share it with us so we can add it to the collection. Send me downloadable quote file(s)