“Past and future don’t really exist”


“Being in the present, living in the ‘here and now’, that is what success is to me. Past and future don’t really exist; they’re only expressed in the present moment. I haven’t always been able to think this way. Although some years ago I may have appeared quite successful as I had a high-level, well-paid corporate job, a lovely home in a beautiful region of France, a wonderful family and all the material comforts I could wish for; actually I was empty inside. I was living the story that my parents had taught me, ‘you can’t do what you want in life; you can’t live your dreams’. That negativity was also combined with an atmosphere of domestic emotional and verbal violence. I started seeing a therapist, learnt how to practice guided meditations and left my corporate job in 2013. Now I am an independent consultant with my own business. I hardly notice that it’s work and I still have enough time to enjoy my family and home environment.”