“I chose to make better decisions”


“My early childhood of growing up in crack houses shaped my perception of life. It made me fight to be the opposite of what surrounded me. I have seen many traumatising events that made me grow up fast. I chose to make better decisions. I chose to attend and graduate high school, and then college. I started a career as a teacher to help kids. I have learnt to be independent. I wrote and illustrated a book titled “From That To This.” It is a strategy guide to help at-risk teens and tweens overcome and navigate through life’s tough obstacles. I also founded a mentor programme called “Man Talk” to help young men respect themselves and others while being positive contributors to society. Success to me involves how many people I can inspire with my personal story. An example of one individual I reached is that of a young woman who was recently on the verge of committing suicide. After reading my book she decided that she would not give up on herself. Accomplishments like this make me proud of what I have achieved.”