We are Bert and Patricia Zeegers, and we have formed a father and daughter business partnership with Business Basecamp.

Over the last ten years we have been bouncing hundreds of ideas and business concepts back and forth. By sharing our experiences, we have been able to solve and remove many bottlenecks that companies face.

Eventually we decided to join forces and use our combined 75+ years of international business experience to form Business Basecamp.

With our experience we can provide you, as entrepreneur or manager, with the tools and knowledge needed for designing, developing and maintaining a sustainable business.

“Patricia is a true professional whose keen business sense and practical approach to things make it a pleasure to do business with her. She quickly grasps the big picture and can therefore work efficiently to reach objectives. Patricia is known in many communities in Barcelona for her generous sharing of her experience and know-how with others. She is one of those special people who knows that everyone gains for an exchange of knowledge.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Donna Kelley

Kelley Interior Design

“I’ve known Patricia for many years. Her pragmatic organizational skills go beyond the tasks at hand. Patricia is very innovative and her natural style ot networking makes her one of the best “connectors” I’ve ever known.”

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Edith Finkbeiner

Crossing Cultures

“Patricia has many attributes! She’s intelligent, dedicated, reliable, and creative. But the one I like the most is that she is so easy to work with! I really needed this since my life felt so complicated at the time. She really pulled through for me. I would recommend her to help you with all your entrepreneurial business needs.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Mary Meloy

Body of Wisdom

bertrond-e1445415352506As a former, and now retired, manager and director with many years of international experience through Business Basecamp, I now share my knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs and managers. I developed a business model that clarifies the relationship between strategic management, organization policy, human resources, marketing strategy and system strategy.

During my career I’ve held several management and executive positions in different countries and regions. I have worked for Ballast Nedam, an international construction company in Saudi Arabia, and I’ve also occupied director positions at Carrier (air-conditioning), part of United Technologies, in both the Netherlands and Germany.

Throughout my career I have provided leadership in a broad range of disciplines and gained a wealth of experience, especially while working in Saudi Arabia. Here I learned all about planning for turn-key projects, working with subcontractors, making sure projects are delivered on time, within budget and according to quality standards. This also provided invaluable lessons of working within another culture.

During this part of my career I became convinced that all businesses can achieve better results by understanding the market and by organizing themselves professionally. By laying a solid foundation from the start you can become more successful. It’s like a house, if the foundation is not good, the house will collapse over time. I then decided to share my knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs and managers and Business Basecamp is my platform to do this. It aims to provide them with information and advice in order to assist with the development and growth of their business.

My advice consists of strategies, supported by guidelines and structures, which aim to enable your organization to achieve a positive operating result. The business model I’ve developed helps managers and entrepreneurs understand that activities are designed to reinforce each other and have a common goal to achieve business targets.

In addition, I believe women and men should play an equally important role in business, although I am not keen on quota or positive discrimination. Women should get the same opportunities and I think they can play an important role in the success of companies.

I still enjoy business development and strategies, and I believe you are never too old to learn. In this world learning is key. As developments take place so quickly, you have to keep on learning to keep up. I hope I have inspired you to take your business to the next level.

patriciacI am the proud founder of Business Basecamp, a platform that aims to provide female entrepreneurs and managers within the Mediterranean region with the help they need to turn their business obstacles into opportunities. I also am the president of the Barcelona branch of the international Professional Women’s Network (PWN).

Before this, I spent years working in the Netherlands for one of the most amazing sporting brands in the world, Nike. I was given several high-profile projects that provided me with the invaluable skill-set to be able to successfully offer business advice to others.

Nike demands quality, which was challenging based on the dynamic working environment and continually changing priorities. I rose to the challenge and learnt many professional lessons, mainly the art of working efficiently yet effectively.

The Nike ‘Just-Do-It’ mentality was also something I had learnt as a youngster. My family moved around the world several times, which meant that I had to get used to doing things out of my comfort zone.

In 2006, it was time for a new personal challenge. I left the Netherlands for Barcelona, deciding to go it alone. As a self-starter I fully embraced this new experience and creating something from nothing has provided so many new and valuable insights, both personally and professionally.

My core activities as an entrepreneur and consultant remained the same: make sure goals are aligned, initial project set-up, ensuring budgets are not exceeded and deadlines are met. After a few years I started to feel there was still an essential piece of the puzzle missing for me: I was lacking a larger purpose. Not much later I knew how I could make a difference: contributing to the growth of the Mediterranean area by stimulating female business owners, entrepreneurs and managers and help them increase performance. Based on my experience I also give particular focus to the field of Human Resources, Customer Experience and Process Management.

In 2016 I was chosen as the president of PWN Barcelona. I am responsible for the network as a whole and my main objective is to guarantee sustainable growth; reaching out to both female entrepreneurs and women in corporate business, and providing them with the tools they need to develop themselves professionally.

Geographical distances are not an obstacle for me as my business goes wherever my suitcase and I go. I am based in Barcelona, but I divide my time between projects in different countries. I also occasionally head to Morocco where I use the time revitalize.